30 Minutes and the Free Pizza

17 Jan 2013 - 4 min read

He had been lying like a log staring at the T.V since he woke up 20 minutes ago. This is how his sunday afternoons used to be . A pizza ad reminded him that he was hungry.He had skipped lunch while watching a rom-com on his laptop and had fallen asleep.He decided to order a pizza. He started moving his limbs in hope of his digits grappling his cell phone.But that was futile.He realised that he will have to let go of the inactivity , arise and search for his phone.He rose and found his cell phone on the study table. Yawning with his jaws wide open than they would be for usual yawn,he looked up for Dominos number and dialled it After 2 rings , a sweet female voice answered,”Hello ,Dominos Pizza.”

He: “Maam,I would like to place an order for 1 medium Mexican Green wave pizza , garlic bread with cheese dip and one chicken kickers and one coke.” She: “1 Mexican green wave,garlic bread with Cheese dip and ….”
He: “One chicken Kickers and one coke.”
She: “Is there anything else you would like to order,Sir?” He: “No Maam,that would be enough.”
She:”Sir, your address..?”

He told her the address and asked whether he would get the order he placed for free if the Pizza is not delivered before 30 minutes.The voice on the other side reassured.After he had hung up,he realized he had missed something.”Oh gosh..how could I forget chocolava?”,he said to himself as he re-dialed the number.After ordering the chocolava he once again made sure about the “delivery-before-30-minutes-or-pizza-free” thing before hanging up.He had gathered all of his senses back by this time.

He kept on changing the channels before he finally settled on Star Movies that was playing “The Ugly Truth”.It is going to be one good afternoon with the movie and the pizza,he thought.Won’t it be even better,if the delivery guy gets late and he gets the pizza for free,he extended his imagination sincerely hoping that the delivery guy does not arrive before 30 minutes . He looked at the clock to learn that it had been 15 minutes since he placed the order.He washed his face and got rid of the apathy.He checked his wallet to ensure he had the required change.He once again checked the time.ETA – 5 minutes.

His previous experiences with Dominos reminded him that the last 5 minute window of the 30 minutes bracket was the time when the pizza usually arrived . He started becoming restless.ETA 1 minute.His excitement grew with every second .He waited for a few more minutes.When the clock struck 5 minutes past ETA , he rose with a start and walked up to the window.While dialing dominos he saw through the window a mob at the nearby square.His excitement of the free pizza made him ignore that.

As soon as the same sweet voice on the other side,this time,albeit adulterated, answered the call,he set off with such excitement that every word he spoke demanded the free pizza . After he was done,the sweet yet adulterated voice said , ” Sir, I was about to call you to inform that the guy who had been dispatched to deliver your order met an accident on the way.We would be sending…….”. He did not even let her complete the sentence and hung up.He searched for his bike keys to rush to the spot.On the way it dawned on him what the mob was about.On reaching the square , he saw the delivery guy being carried into an auto.He felt worried.He learnt from the people that the accident wasnt a severe one.That consoled him a bit.Before leaving the place ,he shot one final look at the scattered pizza and coke spilled all over the road.He did not have the heart to eat pizza that day.

A few days later,on another such sunday afternoon,

“Maam,I’d like to order 1 mexican Green wave……..”,He spoke slowly.
“Sir,is there anything else……..??”,she asked.
“Thank you Maam,that would be enough…..My address is….”,he clearly uttered each word so that he need not have to repeat.
“Thanks for calling Sir….Have a nice day!”.It was a routine for her.

“And Maam,one more thing”,he paused for a while before he signed off saying,
“Maam,It’s perfectly fine if it takes more than 30 minutes.Its perfectly fine.”