Dear Aai

17 Jan 2013 - 1 min read

Dear Aai……,
You have no idea how overwhelmed I get when I think how proud I am to be born to you.What a wonderful human being you are ,Mom.I just cant find the right words to describe you.I really think,if God really existed,he could not have been better.

Mom,I must tell you that I still cherish the sight of you waiting for me to get back from school and the way you used to shout when I used to jump down from the running auto.I still vividly remember how patiently u heard me out preparing breakfast for me when I told you about how my day at school was.When you asked me,”What do you want for lunch in your tiffin today?” ,I used to give absurd answers,I used to demand food which took a lot trouble to prepare.But then in school,when I used to open my tiffin and see that you had happily gone and took the trouble to fulfill my demand,I used to be so ashamed of myself and so filled with gratitude.Aai,I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused you.Mom,I badly miss the time when you used to feed me with your own hand while I was busy watching T.V.

Mom,I fall short of words to describe the solace I find in you lap.I remember how my problems dont dare to bother me when you are around.I appreciate you for keeping me grounded,Mom.Aai,I just want to tell you that even if “Akshay” grows up for the world,I would be the same “pappu” for you.Aai,sometimes when i look at myself,I see reflections of your behaviour in me.If there is even a single thing good about me,if I am or were to be someone tomorrow ,I owe it to you, Mom,to you.

Mom,this Mother’s day ,I just want to let you know Mom,every moment I crave for your immaculate love and care.I am pretty sure whatever I do for you ,I will not be able to pay off your debt.

Mom,I simply love you so much.